Our team can address a variety of accounting

and compliance issues

We assist clients with responding to allegations involving the propriety of accounting and financial reporting, fraud, regulatory scrutiny and anti-corruption inquiries. Our team can address a variety of accounting and compliance issues; analyze and reconstruct corporate books, records and electronic information; and participate in fact-finding interviews.

We react quickly and confidentially to safeguard assets and reputation, resolve matters with minimum disruption to the business and mitigate recurrences by recommending effective controls.  Our approaches enable us to efficiently gather facts, analyze the issues, and prepare reports and presentations that stand up to regulatory and judicial scrutiny.

We assist with complex accounting and reporting issues that arise from situations occurring outside the normal course of business, including:

  • Fraud and complex financial investigations
  • Audit and special committee investigations
  • Financial statement misstatements, inadequate disclosure and restatements
  • Whistleblower allegations
  • Regulatory inquiries
  • Independent internal controls and fraud risk assessment
  • Compliance and transaction risk assessments
  • M&A fraud services
  • Ponzi schemes, embezzlement and kickbacks
  • Assistance with auditors
  • Accountant liability

Fraud and Corruption Investigations

As forensic accountants, we bring a multidisciplinary approach to complex factual, financial and business-critical investigations, combining functional expertise in corporate internal investigations, anti-bribery and foreign corruption risk assessments, transactional due diligence, litigation intelligence and commercial disputes with a deep understanding of the multijurisdictional investigative process.

We conduct independent investigations to help clients resolve a variety of issues, including:

  • Whistleblower allegations
  • Fraud and complex financial investigations
  • Anti-bribery and foreign corruption investigations and risk assessments
  • Political risk assessments
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and cross-border transactions
  • Third-party integrity and vendor screening services
  • Intellectual property theft and brand protection
  • Internal and external fact gathering
  • Improper or undisclosed related party transactions
  • Embezzlement and kickbacks
  • Fraudulent conveyances
  • Misdirected or stolen assets
  • Asset searching and financial analysis
  • Litigation intelligence and specialized fact finding
  • Transactional intelligence
  • Compliance, monitorship and receiver services
  • Private Investigation

Commercial Disputes & Litigation Support Services

Intelisys helps assess economic damages (i.e., unjust enrichment, lost profits, royalty, or diminution in value) related to contract, distributor, joint venture and franchise disputes, lender liability, professional malpractice, unfair business practices, and tortious interference. We provide research and analysis of regulatory, organizational, and competitive actions on market and firm performance.

Our service include:

  • Business Insurance Claims
  • Business Interruption Claims
  • Loss of Profits
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Damages Quantification and Analysis
  • Expert Testimony
  • Court-ready Reports and Opinions
  • Review Opposing/Corroborating Expert Reports

Computer Forensics and InvestigationS

We can collect, process and review massive amounts of electronic documents quickly and provide expert witness testimony to verify the results.

We help organizations meet requirements for collecting, analyzing and producing data from a variety of sources, including e-mail, voicemail, backup tapes, social media, the cloud, shared server files and databases—often on multiple continents. We provide both proactive and reactive support using expert services, methodologies and tools that help companies and their legal advisers understand technology-dependent issues.

Money Laundering Investigations

We help banks, broker-dealers, money transmitters, regulators, insurers, law firms, investors and corporations as their independent and trusted advisors with end-to-end anti-money laundering, sanctions and anti-corruption consulting services. We blend our expertise and investigative experience with our specialized technology and data services which help root out criminal activity, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce legal and IT costs, protect sensitive materials, quickly find facts, and harness enterprise data to create business value.

Business Intelligence Services – Asset Tracing and Due Diligence Investigations

We specialize in delivering advanced background information on individuals and businesses the Caribbean, the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K. and over 170 countries around the world. In summary, we provide location information on individuals, business verification information, legal information – criminal, civil, bankruptcy, judgments and liens on individuals and businesses, asset tracing and recovery, competition and industry research.